The things you’ve missed!

So when I reworked & changed my website I lost my blog, I didn’t really think I would miss the random ramblings I occasionally post but it turns out I was wrong! So here is the new one and I shall start off by updating on the things that you’ve missed.

*The website has had a makeover

*The new canvas kits have been finished

*My beautiful old cat died


*The 2014 Jen Goodwin Embroidery Calendar has gone on sale

*The 2014 Class list has been added to the website

*A new fluffball has been added to the family


So that’s the general update.

I’m currently working on some new pieces of hand embroidered jewellery ready for the Christmas rush, a new piece of goldwork ready for some new greetings cards which will go on sale next year. Then I need to decide on a design for a silk shaded flower.


New Gold design


New Jewellery

9 thoughts on “The things you’ve missed!

  1. So glad to “meet” you through Mary Corbett’s Needle n’ Thread newsletters. I live in the United States so I can’t afford the shipping, etc. to order from your website but I’m looking forward to shopping at your etsy shop. Your work is beautiful–SO glad you were encouraged by your Mom to take the road less traveled!

    • Hi Linda. I would love to know what has featured in the newsletters as I’ve experienced a real flurry of interest today! I’m pleased you’ve found my work & that you like it. Long term I hope to get an outlet stocking my kits but the downloads do list everything you would need to recreate the designs.

      • Here you go–this is the paragraph from the newsletter that sparked my interest in your work. There are links to your site in the paragraph:
        But there are other possibilities as well! Are you familiar, for example, with Jen Goodwin’s Embroidery? She effectively combines blackwork and goldwork into fantastic medallions. (She sells embroidery kits on her website, too – take a look at them!) Though I’ve not worked any of her kits, I really admire her work. And I’ve heard very positive things about her kits from other readers. So if you’re in the market……

  2. I’m sorry your beautiful cat passed away. The new kitten looks adorable. May the memories shared with your long-time buddy blend with the new memories you’re making with kitty.

    • Much as I miss my old chap he had a happy 18 years with me. My new little chap is 5 months old today & is at times adorable, others a monster but we are already very devoted to each other!

      • Jen, I also read Mary Corbet’s item today. I am very glad that she included links to your website.

        Little ones, be they kittens, puppies, or even human children can go from precious to precocious in a split second. That is how they learn right and wrong. So many people can only talk about how cats are aloof, but that makes me wonder just how they are treating their cats. My husband brought 3 cats to our marriage eight years ago, and one is left. She is very at home asking to be allowed to sit in our laps, or climbing under the covers in the middle of the night to cuddle, She has lots of love to share, most likely because she gets lots of love.

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