I’m planning on working up some more of the free tutorials along with other resources that show hints & tips. To start with though I need to know which techniques you consider as basic. Any of you fancy answering the poll? If you leave a comment bellow I will randomly choose someone to win a 2014 Jen Goodwin Embroidery calendar.  I will pick a winner on Tuesday 22nd October, this give you two weeks to enter!


Until then Bullion shall guard them!

I shall be asking about other techniques next week. Many thanks for your you help.

9 thoughts on “Feedback?

  1. I selected silk shading – it relates, in my world, to the shading I do in crewel work. But the one I would love to delve into at some point is gold work. Have only drooled about that in all these years.

  2. Jen, I have chosen blackwork myself. I read about you on Marys’ blog and when you asked for feedback I had to tell you I have been coverting! Blackwork always looks like it would be simple, but having tried and failed I need to find out its secrets.

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