Busy Busy

So since my last post I have been so very busy. As yet I’ve not heard from Robyn who one the 2014 Calendar, I will wait for another week before redrawing a winner.

 I am preparing for another questionnaire so I can gauge which new resources I should include for the new blog. I expect to write up the contents of my essential took kit first up. I also need to design up the next free pattern which will be blackwork – the winning technique in the last poll.

I am happily juggling  lots of orders following a wonderful mention, then a kit review by Mary Corbet.

The ginkgo kit has been a very popular addition since I added to the collections & you can find it here or hunt abut and look at all the other kits which suit all different levels of ability.


I’ve been working on preparing new embroidered jewellery ready for the Christmas rush & a couple of embroidery commissions. I can’t wait to unveil this piece, it is an epic neck piece in gold & emerald.


You can keep up to date with designs & work in progress by following me on instagram – http://instagram.com/feltedbaglady

or on pinterest – http://www.pinterest.com/JAGembroidery/boards/   (a newly verified business account!)

Lastly I’ve accidentally on purpose  gotten a second kitten, just what every embroidery kit designer/maker needs. Both Bullion (Bull) & Calico (Calli) truly love chewing all of my sewing paraphernalia which I am trying to overlook!!


4 thoughts on “Busy Busy

  1. Dear Jen, I am sure that you have dozens of readers called Robyn but I am one of those.and did miss the results of your drawing of the winner of your calendar. I too love your Gingko kit.
    Robyn Kirk
    New Zealand

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