New Year, New Projects

Happy New Year everyone. I do hope that the festive season was happy & peaceful for you all.


I have high hopes for 2014. It started with a random snip-it of overheard conversation. I heard my mom mention on the phone how her daughter had started her own business & it seams to be growing well. Not only does this make me feel very grown up it was also ever so satisfying hearing my mom sound proud of my little empire.

 So much time and effort goes into working for yourself, especially when working in an obscure creative industry. How do you make yourself stand out in the crowd? By working hard to create a unique style that is intrinsically yours that is how. I know that the kits I design are ever so different to others on the market, this brings customers to me.


I have worked hard on developing the Refined-Adornment range of jewellery in the same way. My style of stitching has evolved over the years and if anything it has become even more detail focused and intricate. However that does not stop others trying to imitate me. (Here comes a mini rant!)

jewellery2 016

In some ways I find it very flattering that my work has got people so interested, in other ways I find it offensive & distasteful. Why do I & other creatives work hard to be individual only for others to ‘lift’ your ideas. In the business world it is not tolerated behavior so why as creatives do we have to be subjected to such underhand tactics? So you may ask why I don’t mind popping my design ideas online? It is because I don’t list planned techniques & I know just how to evolve the design to create a stunning piece of unique stitching that’s why!


BTW I finally have the jewellery website online, I hope you enjoy the bespoke work! 

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