New kits are coming!

Have you ever considered how much work goes into producing an embroidery kit?


I know many people see me stitching away at my kit samples & often wonder why these new designs are not available straight away.  This new set of Kaleidoscope designs has taken me a year to pull together, although I freely admit this is longer than my usual kit turn around!


So here is how I approach the process.  Firstly the designs need to be created. When I’m looking at designing work I need to consider which techniques need to be covered, colour combinations & complexity of the stitch work. By the time I put my first stitch into the fabric I know exactly what my finished design will look like.


I take hundreds of photographs as I work up a new design so I can cherry pick which images are best for inclusion into the instructions – I get to that bit later on! My facebook, twitter & instagram feeds are the best spots to see the new things I am stitching at any given time. I will usually finish all of the designs in a set before I look at writing instructions.


The instructions are usually the tough part, they need to be concise & accurate but not too wordy or patronizing! This is where all the pictures come in so handy, I used to hand draw all of my own diagrams, though they still crop up now & then. Usually I have my handy test stitcher Mary of Larkspur Stitchery read them over & stitch up the design. You can see Mary work over on her facebook page. Even with all this though, I’m not infallible –  I managed to miss a typo in the instructions my class were using over the weekend, it’s not ideal to spot these in the classroom!


The last stage is to create the labels, I get mine printed up into lovely glossy stickers which sit on perfectly on the boxes. The new Kaleidoscope stickers in fact arrived today ready for the new kits to go on sale on the 17th March. So all in all the kit developing process can take me months but I like to think my kits offer something that can’t be found anywhere else despite the waiting time.


 Next up will be a set of mandala style intro to embroidery samplers which were the most fun to draw! The stitching is keeping me entertained too so I’m not moping about following what can only be described as the most ridiculous stitch related injury ever.

 A note to all stitchers – when cutting any gold/silver wire make sure to cover the wire with your finger to prevent metal in your eye. Not only does it hurt, it can go awol, show up days later then leave you with a swollen infected face. I currently disgust myself!!!

2 thoughts on “New kits are coming!

    • Thanks Polly, I’m ever so pleased with these designs. My eye is lots better now too, the infection really took hold over the blackwork & goldwork weekend. I think that’s why I was a little less organised!

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