How I design

So last weekend was the Creative Stitches show at the Excel Center in London. This was my very first solo show so I arrived at the center both excited & slightly nervous!


I took plenty of work along with me to display, 21 frames in all showing off different techniques & kit designs. It was fabulous seeing how well they were received and very affirming seeing that my kit designs are so unique!



One thing I was asked a lot over the three days is what computer software I use to produce my designs.


My answer was as always was I don’t. All my designs are hand drawn by me, all repeat patterns are worked out in my head. Call me a traditionalist but I don’t see how manipulating software will ever replace the ability to put a design together. I think this all comes down to my craft; traditional embroidery is still worked in the same way as it was hundreds of years ago, computers & software weren’t available back then yet we can still see fabulously beautiful stitched designs.

I also love the quirks of hand drawn designs, some lines might be slightly wonky, some segments might be slightly bigger than others. Being able to see these quirks shows off that something isn’t a generic mass produced item, it also goes to show that I’m not perfect which is something my students love!


I also spent my time at the show working on the second of the new introduction to embroidery kits, I was aiming for a mandala style set of designs, hand drawn as always!!

Lastly I’ve popped the dates on the website for when I’m off in the USA. If you are looking to order anything keep in mind there will be dispatching delays, although I do hope I can get my mom trained up in time!!

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