Picture Update

I sent the last two weeks teaching at the Royal School of Needlework, I do think of Hampton Court as my second home.


However I found myself thinking as I wandered the halls about how I completely take for granted that I have such an incredible place to work. With this in mind I tried to take lots of pictures of the palace, specifically of all the little things I love but don’t take the time to appreciate!


Detailed carvings on the stairs, spotted during the fire run!


This was my daily view as a first year apprentice, the window ledges were nice & deep so were great for storage!


My second year view, I still had a great window ledge.


Fun critters running along the roof line.


The new kitchen garden ‘office’


And some of the fab looking veg.


Lastly, my favorite new picture. This is a ceiling Rose near Henry’s Great Hall. Hidden in here is the crest of Anne Boleyn which Henry missed when removing all traces of her from the Palace. There are a few more dotted around but I’m not sure I would be able to remember where to find them myself anymore!

I hope you enjoy all the pretties.

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