Stumpwork Poppy Brooch

Last week saw me stitching a little stumpwork poppy brooch ahead of Rememberence Sunday, this is currently being auctioned off on eBay with all proceeds going towards the poppy appeal. My other intention was to produce a tutorial to allow others to   reproduce the poppy for a donation.

however I thought I would throw the tutorial out onto the web & hope that you will all decide to donate generously. All I ask is that you respect this pattern as personal use only, please please don’t use it for personal gain! Also don’t forget to donate!!

Stage one is gather together your threads, a mixture of reds along with a deep purple and black. You will also need three greens & a grey.  You will need some calico fabric for the main body of the stitching along with a red & green backing fabric. I used silks for the stitching & the backing of the piece.  Lastly you will need paper covered wire, I use cake decorating wire along with  a brooch backing.


Once you have the materials together you need to transfer the pattern pieces onto the calico, I just traced mine on, making sure to leave plenty of space between each section. You can either copy my pieces or draw your own, the edges can be as fluted as you want to represent the ruffled edges of poppies. Once the pieces are drawn out you need to carefully couch down the wire around the edge, this acts as the stabiliser once the work is cut out. Make sure to leave a tail of wire at the bottom edges of the leaf, I just leave these loose the at the bottom. I carefully poke the tails of the wire to the back of the work on both of the poppy petals, make sure these go the through the fabric at the centre point of each, you can see this best on the petal on the right.


The next stage is to stitch the petals & leaf in. I have used silk shading, only roughly stitched, with some light sections on the edge leading into deep purple then black towards the centre. The petals have then had a collection of grey bullion knots to create the textured centre. The leaf has just been generally shaded in the greens.


To create a tidy backing to your brooch I used coloured silk to cover all of my workings. Make sure to poke the wire through to the back! Then I carefully tack around the petal to keep the silk in place whilst is stitch the wire in.


The left image shows the edging part way through being stitched, this is created by carefully working trailing stitches tightly over the wire, this binds in the wire & silk to form an integral petal.  Repeat this process for the leaf.


Now you are ready to cut out your elements ready for construction. Start by cutting out with lots of excess fabric before              trimming down very closely, try not to snip your stitches!


Decide which pair of petals you wish to sit on the top of your work, then using a stiletto or mellor pierce through the other one, this creates a hole for the wires of the top petal to pass through, twist the wires together to secure the two together. Twist the leaf in at the same time. Then use the wire secure the stumpwork poppy to the brooch back.


Lastly shape the petals by gently manipulating the wire edges and you will have your own stumpwork poppy.


Do do let me know if you enjoy working your own & please donate!

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